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Credit repair

Having bad credit doesn't make you financially irresponsible, but it does make lenders view you as a high risk which can lead to denial or high interest rates. With SPP Management Credit Repair Services backing you up, you can look forward to finally living the lifestyle you deserve.

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Business funding

If you’re a small business owner being held back due to the lack of funding, you aren’t alone! Many small business owners face similar hurdles. When it comes to securing financing to start and grow your business credit is the key. Small businesses are the lifeblood of the U.S economy and most small businesses get started by leveraging their credit, which means that credit worthiness is more important than ever before. Choose our expertise and get your business funded

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What is business funding?

Business funding is when you leverage your credit and your business to get the banks money.

Only 3 steps to receive business funding

1.Business compliance

2. Leverage Credit

3. Build relationships with the banks